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Dear distinguished OSM maintainer and users,

I would like to suggest that the border between India, Pakistan and China was drew in solid line, which shows that the area of Arunachal Pradesh is India's territory, is what I believe, not appropriate, and violates Chinese law at the same time.

Some usual international practices regarding border issue, as what many other maps like Google map and Bing map did, is to draw the contentious land border claimed by both country in dash line instead of solid line.

I've seen some Indians complaining about theirs border here too. I'd like to say that this is an international community, and also OSM is an international map. I believe that including those disputed territories just because it's political correct in India is NOT appropriate, and should be corrected.

Best regards,
Sidi Liang

Edited: I might have made a mistake of the border line of Kashmir, apologies for that.

asked 19 Sep '18, 08:19

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Did you already read this OSMF document about disputed territories?

(19 Sep '18, 11:18) scai ♦

Yes indeed. However the border around Kashmir doesn't meet its description as half of the Kashmir is physically controlled by Pakistan: 'Currently, we record one set that, in OpenStreetMap contributor opinion, is most widely internationally recognised and best meets realities on the ground, generally meaning physical control. ' Also about 'widely internationally recognised', I don't think 'internationally' here means India literally.

(20 Sep '18, 14:43) sidi762

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That is not a question.

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This statement is unreasonable and not justifiable to a certain extent as I didn't saw such statement under the almost exact same 'question' raised by Indians which you have also replied( Just to be clear, I'm not going to assume that there are any national prejudice here but at least impolite and inappropriate as a moderator. And I would like to ask for, at least, a place that I can raise this issue. That would constitute a question, won't it? Could you please, as a moderator, kindly provide an answer for this?

Best regards,

(20 Sep '18, 14:53) sidi762

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