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I know that iD editor is not too useful working with relations, so I usually don't do anything with them, as that is the editor I use at the moment.

But there has been several occasions where I'm not sure if I'm doing it right when I need to edit ways that are members of relation. Maybe there is a better, more correct way?

So, say there is an intersection of streets and it has recently been made into a roundabout. I make a circular way for the roundabout and then go splitting and disconnecting the streets involved, but then I can't because they turn out to be members of a bus route relation. The only way how I can see I can do this in iD is splitting a segment off the way, then removing that segment out of the relation and then deleting the segment altogether.

Is there another way?

asked 18 Sep '18, 10:25

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Hi, yes you have to split/remove the ways as you outlined in your last sentence. You then have to split the roundabout and add a section of the roundabout to the relevant route relation. So the bus route goes to the roundabout, around part of it then carries on along the next highway.

I use JOSM so can't give relation editing advice for the iD editor.

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answered 18 Sep '18, 14:59

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I did add the roundabout to the same relations the street was on but I did not split it. I've checked other roundabouts that are in bus route relations in the area I'm mapping and none of them are split either. Is there a benefit of doing that? I personally don't like splitting ways too much if there is no real need for it

(18 Sep '18, 22:23) ivss_xx

My apologies, indeed we are both correct. It appears from that both ways are accepted. But if the roundabout is not split then in some circumstances software has to deduce the actual route.

My logical mind would still prefer to section up roundabouts especially when separate link roads are leading to the roundabout. On the roundabout Way: 496095881, Relation: Pegasus - Kaiapoi (1625409) and Relation: Kaiapoi - Waikuku (1625408) do not use the whole circle of the roundabout. Another example that comes to mind is when a route takes the first of multiple exits from a roundabout, then only a fraction of the roundabout is used in the actual route.

(19 Sep '18, 08:49) BCNorwich

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