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There's this funny little system in Greece (more common in some places than in others), where some minor streets will be named after the main street from which they branch out: "X Street" will have branches "1st X Side-Street", "2nd X Side-Street", and so on. In Greek, that will be written with Greek numerals, like this: "Οδός Χ" and its subsidiary "Α΄ Πάροδος Χ", "Β΄ Πάροδος Χ" etc. Until recently, the keraia character (΄) appeared correctly next to its respective letter, as in the preceding examples. Now it appears above them, as in the following image (see "Α΄ Πάροδος Προύσης", "Α΄ Πάροδος Ζαλόγγου" and "Γ΄ Πάροδος Ζαλόγγου").

alt text

What's changed? And how can it be fixed?

asked 17 Sep '18, 23:58

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Probably a question for (the map stylesheet for the standard layer) since this is not a map data issue.

(18 Sep '18, 07:37) scai ♦

Looks like a bug. Perhaps add it as a new 'issue' at ?

(18 Sep '18, 07:38) sdoerr

It renders wrong in the standard and humanitarian maps, but ok in the cycle and tranport maps.

(18 Sep '18, 11:05) edvac

The behaviour depends on which precise character is used for the keraia. In the examples above, it is Unicode U+0384 GREEK TONOS. I also checked another object I had created (in Cyprus) that has U+00B4 ACUTE ACCENT: this also behaved in the same way (accent typeset above the character, extra space after it).

However, according to, 'The modern keraia is a symbol (ʹ) similar to the acute accent (´), the tonos (U+0384,΄) and the prime symbol (U+02B9, ʹ), but has its own Unicode character as U+0374.'

So, I have modified way 100506456 ( to use the correct character U+0374 GREEK NUMERAL SIGN, and it now renders correctly.

The trouble is, there may be no easy way of entering this symbol on standard Greek keyboards!

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answered 18 Sep '18, 15:47

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