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My street is not on the map. I can see it in the google maps underlay.

asked 26 Jul '11, 22:52

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It is very easy to get involved in editing OSM.

What you need to know and do before you create your first street can be found in the Beginner's Guide at'_Guide . Don't be scared, it's fairly easy reading ;) The specific answer to your question can be found there too; start reading here: [edit: changed the link] I'm pretty sure you'll like mapping and start adding your second street soon, and your third and ...

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answered 26 Jul '11, 23:15

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Arie Scheffer
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If you clicked on edit and opened an editor it's not google maps underlay, it's Bing's aerial imagery.

So zoom right in to where the street should be. Click edit and choose the potlach2 editor. We will assume that the bing is aligned (you can read about it in the wiki). Now shift click at the junction where the street is to start and click again at same point then move the point along the street and click enough points along it to trace the street. If it is straight you will only need the other end point but if it curves you will need enough to do the job. When you have finished the line (it is called a way) press esc key the way should still be yellow, you will need to tag it, on the left of the screen you should have a box labelled "unknown" click on down arrow and pick the best road description then name it and fill in other tagging info. Click "save", write what you done, press return, when saved click out. If you mess up don't save, just exit and try again - good luck. Here is more on editing:

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answered 26 Jul '11, 23:47

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