Is it possible to go from .shp to .osm. Export it this way.

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Yes, install the OpenData plugin in JOSM, then just open the shapefile from JOSM and save it as a regular .osm file. https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM/Plugins/OpenData

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answered 13 Sep '18, 12:52

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When i do that:

This is from openstreet road: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <osm version="0.6" generator="JOSM"> <bounds minlat="1.2731" minlon="103.8542" maxlat="1.2884" maxlon="103.8611" origin="CGImap 0.6.1 (12513 thorn-01.openstreetmap.org)"/> <node id="137352464" action="delete" timestamp="2017-11-26T11:06:47Z" uid="6750990" user="Ant Ko" visible="true" version="5" changeset="54092195" lat="1.2847532" lon="103.8657162"/> <node id="137352480" timestamp="2018-08-21T16:19:56Z" uid="257555" user="rene78" visible="true" version="6" changeset="61861673" lat="1.2867761" lon="103.8592333"/> <node id="137352503" timestamp="2012-05-25T04:25:31Z" uid="602634" user="matx17" visible="true" version="4" changeset="11695137" lat="1.2853889" lon="103.8589344"/> <node id="137352517" timestamp="2012-02-14T20:32:47Z" uid="255802" user="cboothroyd" visible="true" version="6" changeset="10686917" lat="1.2802762" lon="103.8558725"/> <node id="137352531" timestamp="2012-02-14T20:32:48Z" uid="255802" user="cboothroyd" visible="true" version="4" changeset="10686917" lat="1.2809573" lon="103.8546202"/>

This is from opendata plugin: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <osm version="0.6" upload="false" generator="JOSM"> <node id="-39322" lat="59.89205240739" lon="10.62304313005"/> <node id="-39323" lat="59.8920484148" lon="10.62303905125"/> <node id="-39685" lat="59.89060619496" lon="10.62156576437"/> <node id="-39688" lat="59.89205240743" lon="10.62304313008"/> <node id="-39712" lat="59.89195976247" lon="10.62293404698"/> <node id="-39756" lat="59.89179974565" lon="10.62270387443"/> <node id="-39778" lat="59.89171807241" lon="10.62260946088"/> <node id="-39781" lat="59.89207607423" lon="10.62294733289"/> <node id="-39843" lat="59.89181112755" lon="10.62277817925"/> <node id="-39871" lat="59.89169926616" lon="10.62268237684"/> <node id="-39874" lat="59.89238067012" lon="10.62337843349"/> <node id="-39917" lat="59.8922259511" lon="10.62314889765"/> <node id="-39938" lat="59.89215488294" lon="10.62302583937"/> <node id="-40038" lat="59.8918531131" lon="10.62236645596"/> <node id="-40041" lat="59.89272415793" lon="10.62419036766"/> <node id="-40098" lat="59.89249025113" lon="10.62398425933"/> <node id="-40123" lat="59.89239206472" lon="10.62387650874"/> <node id="-40207" lat="59.89207651204" lon="10.62346602479"/> <node id="-40290" lat="59.89176136364" lon="10.62307089538"/> <node id="-40315" lat="59.89167201868" lon="10.62293595765"/> <node id="-40355" lat="59.8915369748" lon="10.62270072857"/> <node id="-40381" lat="59.89144059617" lon="10.62257011562"/> <node id="-40569" lat="59.89069156083" lon="10.62180154762"/> <node id="-40572" lat="59.89181088663" lon="10.6231356016"/> <node id="-40639" lat="59.89155444067" lon="10.62282329509"/> <node id="-40676" lat="59.89140424404" lon="10.62268252188"/> <node id="-40863" lat="59.89066040768" lon="10.62192231327"/>

Its not possible to read because of missing information!

(13 Sep '18, 14:19) Sheikhm
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