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There's a whole mess of communities around me that have random fire gates across roads, and many of those gates are missing from OSM.

Tonight I added three of them using the techniques I saw mentioned here several times:

  1. Double click on the road segment to add a node to the line that defines the road
  2. Make the node a barrier=gate, access=no

Even though I've done this ORSM still routes through the gate when I test the changes using OSM and Car (OSRM) as the routing engine. Here's a link to one of my changesets:

Am I missing something?

asked 11 Sep '18, 05:36

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Your update is just 1 hour ago. The usual routing engines need time to do heavy pre-calculations. Because these calculations are that intensive they are not done every some minutes. The routers OSRM and graphhopper update every few days, you have to wait until that.

By the way, access=private would be more usual than =no in your case.

It is usual to not only add the barrier, but also the access restrictions on the roads which are blocked by it (and as likely indicated by signs). Some routing software might (possibly depending on configuration) even not take point barriers into account and hence not obey your newly added gate. Graphhopper in the configuration which uses takes gates into account (example) but OSRM not (same example). This example gate has no special tags forbidding cars. The result may be different if it would have them.

See that older question on how to divide a way, afterwards you can enter the access restrictions on the restricted part.

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answered 11 Sep '18, 06:25

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Thanks for the detailed reply! I'll go divide the way and then add access restrictions as well.

(11 Sep '18, 13:25) snohoflex

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