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I extracted the OSM XML node for a light house with sector lights to use for some graphics. However, the sector values do not make sense to me.

I found the attributes mentioned on several wiki pages:

but none of these seems to specify the units or interpretation of the values.

The first example on clearly shows the first sector directed to the north-east, while its values are:



The values are the heading in degrees, from a vessel. I was looking for the opposite angle...

Here's a Python snippet to convert the angles (you may be able to run this on an "online Python" service):

""" Invert OSM seamark sector headings (degrees as seen from light)"""
import sys,re
toggle = False
with open("OSM_node.xml") as f:
  for line in f:
    if "sector" in line:
        # get heading angle
        mo ="'(\d+.\d)'", line)
        heading = float( mo.groups()[0] )
        # "invert" angle
        angle = heading - 180
        if angle < 0:
            angle = angle + 360

        # optional: flip angles > 180 degrees (for SolveSpace CAD)
        if angle > 180:
            angle = (angle - 360)

        # print value and add a blank line every other
        print( angle )
        if toggle:
        toggle = not toggle


PS / OT:

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asked 10 Sep '18, 09:59

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