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According to OpenStreetMap hosts an aerial imagery server named "kessie". However OSM itself does not own any aerial imagery, as far as I know. All editors display imagery from third parties and all map styles with an aerial imagery background are also from third parties (e.g. Mapbox Satellite). So what does OpenStreetMap need an aerial imagery server for?

asked 09 Sep '18, 19:24

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I'm looking at OSM-hosted imagery right now via !

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answered 09 Sep '18, 19:52

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Sorry, for taking such a long time for replying. Isn't "aerial imagery" a naming error from the OSM hardware side? I would think of imagery, showing "real" images of the world from above when hearing that term.

(17 Sep '18, 18:39) wanderwütiger

Surrey Aerial Imagery; Hampshire too at one stage. I think some South African imagery in the past too. From time to time groups have bought imagery for OSM (e.g., for Gaza in 2009, Mappa Mercia around the same time). Given that all that it's all raster imagery served by tiles: it's probably overly pedantic to demand a name change. particularly as the majority of 'aerial' imagery we use is acquired by satellite.

(17 Sep '18, 19:11) SK53 ♦

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