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I've found a really nice track in the forest and I want to share it with others in open Street map. I am new and need some tips and help. Can I just walt the track and got it in to my phone and then later load up the information as a track in Open Street Map? Is it something I should think of?

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Yes, you can just walk the track with your phone and upload this gps track to OSM. However, it is not automatically added to the main database of streets and walkable tracks (of which e.g. maps are made of). Someone (that may be yourself in the best case) has to use your recorded gps track as an aid (plus local knowledge) to draw (in an editor program) the street/track object and add it to our data. You can do that latter editing also on your smartphone, but as far as I know it is not that simple as when doing it with a full computer and the editor on our website.

See also .

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Hi Fotbollens, There are some basic rules to to follow as a mapper. The route you have been walking would have to be a guided one, marked and for every mapper to see, so it could be corrected if it has been changed. Welcome by the way. Please read these lines as well;

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There is some information on recording and dealing with GPS traces on the wiki as well

(05 Sep '18, 04:14) escada

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