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Hi openstreetmap! I would like to inform you that the true name of the country in the attached snaphot is "Republic of North Macedonia" - Not Macedonia. Please change it.

thanks! :)


p.s. check this

asked 03 Sep '18, 18:54

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Dimitris panti
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edited 03 Sep '18, 19:56

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SimonPoole ♦

The name will be changed in OSM as soon as it becomes official. At the moment, to my knowledge, we're still waiting for the country's parliament to confirm.

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answered 03 Sep '18, 19:10

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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On both sides AFAIK.

(03 Sep '18, 19:44) SimonPoole ♦

Ok thanks Frederik But please... don't forget to change this when it becomes official. Im making (my developper builts it) a greek weather website based on maps api wich takes maps data from OSM. I insist on this because its would give a bad impression for a new "Greek weather Website". I hope you understand me.

Thanks for your patience!

(03 Sep '18, 21:27) Dimitris panti

If your site takes data from OSM then surely you can modify it before display? If you want to display "North Macedonia" in place of the country currently called "Macedonia" you can do that now. Of course if you're using OSM's tiles then you're doing something very different.

(03 Sep '18, 21:33) SomeoneElse ♦

OSM is usually very quick with that kind of country-level change : it's not everyday a country changes name and there's always a contributor eager to apply it.

That said, discussions about that country's name have been going on for years. One can be impatient to see the change, but one should wait for the political process to take its course.

(04 Sep '18, 11:35) Vincent de P... ♦

Please remember that we have different tags for common name and official name and default style on shows the common name. Currently on it's:

  • name=Македонија

  • official_name=Република Македонија

After the change the official_name should be edited, but I'm not sure if common name would change.

(04 Sep '18, 13:38) kocio

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