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I'd like to save coordinates of points and boundary boxes in my local db, as quadtiles.

I am looking for more doc than provided in the link above: a precise guide with code / pseudo code on how to convert long / lat to Quadtile format, and back. Any pointer on this?

asked 24 Aug '18, 13:30

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This Wiki article discusses conversion between tile names and lat/lon, and also includes pseudocode and example code for various languages.

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answered 24 Aug '18, 16:54

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... which is linked in the introduction of the wiki article which seincle linked. I just wanted to add it. ;-) @seinecle, did you want something different your just not seen the link?

(24 Aug '18, 20:59) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks! I might be wrong but I thought the slippy tiles are not quad tiles? The logic of the naming conventions are completely different, if I read the page you linked to, and the link I provided?

(24 Aug '18, 22:14) seinecle

If I understand correctly, the quad system for naming tiles starts with the biggest tile (number from 0 to 3), then adds a 0-3 number for the subtile, et .. until the required level of zoom is achieved. That' the general idea. Now I'd need docs and a lib to play with it! It seems Bing map has the equivalent (search for "quadkey + Bing maps")

(24 Aug '18, 22:21) seinecle

@seinecle oh, umm, maybe I should have read better ("that's not really what this page is about"). So, you are right, if I understand correctly, slippy map tilenames are not what you are looking for. I have inserted a paragraph break into the wiki page's intro to make that clearer. Let's wait for other answers.

(24 Aug '18, 22:43) aseerel4c26 ♦

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