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I prerender osm tiles upto 13 zoom level in my tile server using renderd_list as lower zoom level takes much time for rendering . I don't need daily or minutely updates. But I want to make a full planet import to my database once in a 1 month, Do I need to rerender every zoom level again from 0 upto 13 using renderd_list? Is there any alternative solution?

asked 20 Aug '18, 09:28

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There's no detail about software used here, so:

1) If someone requests a tile that is quite old, will whatever software you're using rerender it, perhaps in the background? mod_tile, renderd would by default FWIW.

2) Do you change the map style that you are using regularly enough that you'd want to rerender low zoom tiles anyway?

3) Do you apply hourly or minutely updates to your database?

(20 Aug '18, 09:43) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks. Updated the question, @SomeoneElse

(20 Aug '18, 09:56) anuranpal

When a request is made for an old tile, the old tile should be sent to the user and a rendering request will also be made. You can see the "START" and "DONE" messages for tiles by doing this:

sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep " TILE "

What you should see when a user requests an old tile is:

  1. The old tile is sent to the requester.
  2. You see "START TILE" and "DONE TILE" messages in syslog for an up-to-date version of that tile.

The next time a user requests that tile they'll get the new one, not the old one.

What this means is that if you're happy to serve old tiles the first time a user (re)requests them, then don't run render_list. If you're not, do. Running render_list (perhaps even only for some zoom levels) allows you to have tiles ready for users and render them at a time when your server is not busy.

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answered 20 Aug '18, 19:19

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