According to this statement by the OSMF, for borders "we record one set that, in OpenStreetMap contributor opinion, is most widely internationally recognised and best meets realities on the ground, generally meaning physical control."

According to the DWG statement from 2014: "In the short-term Crimea shall remain in both the Ukraine and Russia administrative relations, and be indicated as disputed. We recognize that being in two administrative relations is not a good long-term solution, although the region is likely to be indicated as disputed for some time."

In the meantime, 4 years have passed and I think we could reconsider the issue, especially as we generally put a lot of emphasis on the actual situation on the ground.

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SimonPoole ♦

I don't think raising this issue on this forum is appropriate. This is likely to be highly contentious between different OSM communities, and thus very likely to result in a discussion rather than coherent answers. You have also phrased the question in a very leading manner. I suggest you delete this question and if you still feel the need to ask this here re-phrase along the lines of "What is the OSMF DWG's current policy with respect to the Crimea?"

(19 Aug '18, 12:33) SK53 ♦

Thank you for your comment. I have changed the title as you suggested.

I do not understand why this has to be "highly contentious", given that there is the on the ground rule which aims at avoiding problems by giving priority to who actually controls the territory. As long as these rules are applied consistently, we shouldn't run into problems. I also agree with the DWG, that back in 2014 it was wise to put this on hold and to wait how the situation evolves.

(19 Aug '18, 13:49) dieterdreist

Please simply ask the DWG.

(19 Aug '18, 13:53) SimonPoole ♦

I thought it would be of interest to more people.

There are many questions here dealing with Crimea and why it is now a part of Russia in OSM so I thought it was legitimate to ask why Crimea still is a part of Ucraine too in OSM.

(19 Aug '18, 13:54) dieterdreist

The question has been closed for the following reason "Too subjective and argumentative" by SimonPoole 19 Aug '18, 13:53

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