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I am currently working on a large area and have made temporary straight lines to mark areas that need drawing (like a road or river drawing continuation). I did this as I have very limited data right now and am trying to conserve it by not auto loading the imagery tiles.

Now, I have decided to upload a changeset containing just some of those drawn features, but have these temporary lines/markings within the same layer. I realize I should have made a separate layer for these markings/lines in the first place. As I plan to continue the unfinished road and river lines later on, I do not really want to delete these line markings, but just want to move them to another layer.

Problem is I cannot find any option to move a selection to another layer. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

asked 18 Aug '18, 20:13

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For your newly (not uploaded yet) created "temporary lines/markings" I think these steps are most simple. Note that this requires that all objects which should be moved are in fact new (see comments).

  1. Select the objects,
  2. copy them (ctrl+C or via edit menu),
  3. create a new data layer via the file menu (it is selected as the active/edited layer automatically),
  4. paste at source position (ctrl+alt+v) (or via edit menu)
  5. activate the original layer (via layer window)
  6. delete the selected objects
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answered 18 Aug '18, 22:21

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Alternatively (not an answer to your question) you could only upload the currently selected objects (via the File menu).

(18 Aug '18, 22:22) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26 note that copying will create new objects from any pre-existing objects. In general I would suggest that the Merge Selection option suggested by @InsertUser is a better way of doing this.

(19 Aug '18, 11:15) SK53 ♦

shouldn’t you purge rather than delete, in step 6?

(19 Aug '18, 14:10) dieterdreist

@Sk53 and @dieterdreist: thanks, you are both right - but we were talking about newly (not uploaded yet) created "temporary lines/markings", so in my opinion my suggested actions are a bit simpler, straight forward, and sufficient. Of course, this requires the assumption that all objects which should be moved are in fact new.

(19 Aug '18, 18:39) aseerel4c26 ♦

If multiple layers are open: From the Edit menu select Merge selection (Ctrl+Shift+M) and select your construction layer as destination.

Once you check that everything made it across you can then go back to your main data layer and delete the items.

IIRC if you have saved a layer locally you can go into it in a text editor and flag it as being ineligible for upload so that JOSM doesn't nag you about non-uploaded changes on it when you exit (you will have to close and re-load it).

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answered 18 Aug '18, 23:17

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