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It is not about OSM tag place=plot but about type=boundary and boundary=?... Because the OSM's plot concept is very restrictive. In rural area (geographic area that is not urban) there are no city_block or neighbourhood, all are "lots".

There are a mosaic of nature reserve, parcel of lands for crop, etc. Each lot of rural area is an "official boundary" (but it is not a boundary=administrative).

So, how to, the best manner to retrieve that class of elements from OSM?


With Overpass perhaps we can use a logic OR as filter, something as: landuse=farmland or nature reserve or landuse=meadow ...
But I not found a standardized or "endorsed query" to retrieve "official boundaries of rural lots", that will be the answer of this question.

It is not a place=plot because by the Wiki "plot's boundaries are recorded by visual observation on the ground", and here we talking about "official boundaries" with no visual observation on the ground, like the country and city boundaries. It is not a place=plot also because in rural region it is not "a subdivision at a level lower than place=neighbourhood or place=city_block" (Wiki). In rural region of a country like Brazil, the rural lot have also the function of a "rural neighbourhood" or a "rural block".

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There basically isn't any such data in OSM, so the answer is to get it from official sources rather than from OSM.

I guess there lots of reasons it isn't in OSM, but 2 big ones are that it would be an awful lot of data, and any edits would be likely to decrease the utility of the data.

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Hi Max, thanks the explanations. There are an obvious scale difference (and the cost associated to it), but today OSM is managing addresses points and urban lots... Can you explain the differences between rural lots, as an "official boundary" polygon, and the other classic OSM "official boundary" polygons, like the country and city boundaries?

(17 Aug '18, 16:50) ppKrauss

I think I don't understand "rural lot" well enough to say something. We certainly do not map plots as they are just private boundaries between one person's land and another person's land. But if a rural lot is something like a city neighbourhood, and also used by people on the ground ("I live in lot X") then maybe there are ways to record them. I suggest researching past discussions about "neighbourhoods" on the mailing lists, especially regarding their fuzziness. Unsure if that applies to rural lots as well.

(17 Aug '18, 17:52) Frederik Ramm ♦

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