There is a road marked as oneway. So when i use my garmin edge 800 it seems i'm not allowed with my bike.

But this is reality: Halfway the made a blockade, so you may enter the road from both sides (also with car), but only by walking or with bicycle you may go through this blockade.

How do i change this piece of road to the correct way.

asked 24 Jul '11, 22:06

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"Dead End" is not "One Way". If it is marked as one-way on OSM then, given your description, it is wrong.

If there is a blockade for motor vehicles, then it can't be one way, because the cars would never get out again (or would never get in in the first place.

We have this in the UK: a road is marked as "no through" at one end, but the only thing making it "no through" is a "no entry" part way along.

I'd do it as two disconnected roads with a footpath/cycle length connecting the two.

(27 Jul '11, 10:38) mwbg

Do you may enter the road with a car from both side or are you really allowed to do it? You should tag the road according to the local street signs.

Concerning the blockade, there are various barrier types that you can tag, just use the appropriate one and use additional tags like foot=yes and bicycle=yes to define more detailed restrictions.

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answered 24 Jul '11, 22:11

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scai ♦
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You are allowed.

The streetsign on both sides says: Dead end, except bicycle.

Here is the location: Duiven, The Netherlands.

Veldstraat between Notarisappel and Lemoenappel.

This piece of Veldstraat is now marked as one way.

(24 Jul '11, 22:25) groen_duiven

If the road is a dead end - then it can't be one way; so I would remove the one way notation and add a barrier appropriately tagged to allow bicycles and pedestrians through.

(25 Jul '11, 14:49) Chris Fleming

The way in question hasn't changed since it was imported (other than someone linking a bike path to it), so like scai said it needs the barrier adding to the map with the correct tags

You'll then need to make sure that your Garmin map recognises the barrier, which probably means using the "--link-pois-to-ways" flag when creating it.

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answered 26 Jul '11, 12:20

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SomeoneElse ♦
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The way linked by @SomeoneElse seems to be either residential or service but will rather not remain unclassified as it is not a connection any more.

(26 Jul '11, 16:11) dieterdreist

I'm guessing that the reason why it's "highway = unclassified" is because the AND import didn't distinguish between them, perhaps?

Elsewhere (picking a street in the Netherlands that I'm familar with and is what I'd describe as residential) I notice that this street:

came in via AND as "unclassified" and has been since marked as residential by a local mapper.

(26 Jul '11, 23:28) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, I guess this too, but also if this road would had been an unclassified road before they decided to close it for cars, it surely won't have remained an unclassified afterwards.

(27 Jul '11, 17:20) dieterdreist

In a case like this I have split a road then joined it with short footpath/cycle way. then routing for cars won't work but foot or bikes should

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answered 25 Jul '11, 14:53

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andy mackey
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I have a related question: There are two Bugs I try to solve which both concern the routing through a for cars forbidden link of two streets. Although there is a bollard and I even replace a short part of the street by a generic path (and set the permission for cars to prohibited) YourNavigation eg. still routes through this joint (actually draws the route slightly to the left of the bollard). So do you have any ideas what went wrong here and how to solve this issue?

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answered 26 Jul '11, 09:41

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Issues with particular navigation software are best discussed with whoever wrote that software. I know that mkgmap (which is used to create maps for Garmin devices) has a way of handling the "bollards on streets" problem - it's possible that others do too.

(26 Jul '11, 12:07) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks for the answer. I just found that if I check the routing for the bug on mapdust it works fine for the modified map - seems to be a problem of YourNavigation, as you stated. Is there a way to directly route on - At least on my Mac the RMB menu does not show any routing options.

(26 Jul '11, 12:42) mod666

No, currently there is no official routing engine for OSM but several community projects providing routing. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses as described here. Note: They need time to update their internal routing database and not all support restrictions like bollards. Also, some provide self-rendered tiles and update them way more often than their routing database which may be rather confusing.

(26 Jul '11, 17:04) scai ♦

I hope i did the correct thing. This barrier is are since 1990, so it's time it will be changed. :-)

  1. deleted the one way direction.
  2. made barrier = cycle_barrier.
  3. added the following keys (via advanced): bicycle=yes, motor_vehicle=no, moped=yes

If this is correct, I will make a similar correction in Duiven on Elstar. Barrier is here also since 1990 !!

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answered 26 Jul '11, 20:28

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Excellent - now we just need to see if your Garmin map allows you to cycle down it but not drive a car. Do you create these maps yourself or download them from somewhere?

(26 Jul '11, 23:30) SomeoneElse ♦

I have a standard trianingtrip of about 30km for my bike. Since 3 weeks I have a GArmin Edge 800. I'm using openfietsmap Benelux on it. There I noticed it went wrong when biking the Veldstraat. SO I have to wait until new version will be available in about 1-2 weeks.

If I download new map from , will I find there already the changes I made ? I will download tonight and o Friday I can do the live-test by bike.

(27 Jul '11, 07:17) groen_duiven

The site seems to be down at the moment, but Google's cached copy of the site says that maps are "based on OpenStreetMap data from 25-07-2011" (on the main page below the area where you select tiles). I haven't seen anything that says how often the data that the site uses is refreshed, so it looks as if you'll just have to wait until it shows a date that's a day or too later than your edit.

(27 Jul '11, 11:30) SomeoneElse ♦

I have a similar problem in my area,its a road blocked with a rising bollard that is used by police fire and ambulances, you can walk it and bike through it.I decided to split the way and join it with a footpath and cycle way (a couple of metres) this helped but I have to find the problem with a linking cycle path that gets used by both my garmins nuvi 1310t and vista HCX (talky toaster osm maps other maps de selected) when in car and on-road settings.I think the problem is that the routed cycle track shows as an unpaved road on the vista (its a side walk). I'll have to investigate further, But of course map changes and tags take a while to get fully into the data base and then there is a further delay for the prebuilt map to get built.

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answered 27 Jul '11, 08:21

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andy mackey
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