I am installing Nominatim in a dedicated server, will it be able to handle calls about 20-30 per second. It will be of only single country having data of about 1gb.

server that will be used:- e3 1275v6 Ram - 64GB Hard Disk - 2x480GB Nvme software raid 1


asked 14 Aug '18, 02:49

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Yes, that's plenty.

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answered 14 Aug '18, 10:42

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Thanks for the reply, can you say, what will be this servers up limit of concurrent connections for nominatim.

(14 Aug '18, 11:39) arj123

Impossible to tell. Reverse search is less complex (less table indices to look at) than forward search, long queries (many address components) take a bit longer than single word queries. Depends how much of the database the operating system caches in RAM (in your case it could be all of it), how often the data gets updated (daily, hourly, minutely), if you switch off logging (less database writes).

(14 Aug '18, 11:45) mtmail

The data will be update manually about once a month.

(14 Aug '18, 11:48) arj123
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