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Is it possible to build a query that just returns the number of objects of a certain type in a certain area? Possible use case: define some things that require local knowledge, run query, get a toplist of people who have been working on those things. Find local mappers! (you could even query only things that are at version 1 to have higher probability that it's original mapping) I didn't get further than this:

Also: is this much heavier for the servers than running the query and doing the counting client-side?

asked 13 Aug '18, 14:33

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joost schouppe
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It may be possible with some of the newer features. You can see similar queries (in that they group a result set and do some statistics on it) described at

I'm not certain it is possible to get the new for block to loop over users though.

(14 Aug '18, 11:30) maxerickson

That's going to be at least an interesting read. Thanks! (I'll report back here if I make progress)

(14 Aug '18, 11:37) joost schouppe

So the for loop does work on user:

for (user()){
    make stat 
     total = count(nodes) + count(ways) + count(relations);
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answered 15 Aug '18, 13:31

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