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Im quite new in OSM, I want to add several nodes which I have their latitude and longitude. Is it possible to do it in ID? When I put my coordinate in search bar it doesn't show the exact location of the node so I can add on that point.

asked 08 Aug '18, 09:39

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As an aside, where did you get the latitude and longitude from? Did you survey it yourself earlier and wrote down the latitude and longitude (some of my earliest additions to OSM were of that form) or did the latitude and longitude come from somewhere else?

(08 Aug '18, 15:13) SomeoneElse ♦

In iD, you can open the location panel Command-Shift-L (mac) or Control-Shift-L (windows) to see the exact coordinates of the mouse pointer, then place the point exactly where you want it.

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answered 08 Aug '18, 20:28

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When I want to do this, I use the Level0 editor (http://level0.osmz.ru/). Documentation at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Level0. Basically, you just type (for example):

node: 12.345, 6.789

give it a changeset comment, click Upload to OSM, and it will create a node at that location, which you can then edit in iD. Or you can supply all the tags in Level0, e.g.

node: 12.345, 6.789
name=My Node
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answered 08 Aug '18, 15:43

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Thanks, I've been meaning to check out level0 but I've never had a use case that I felt called for it. Normally I'd use JOSM for a task like this (Shift-D, easy) but having a web-based method is great.

(08 Aug '18, 19:57) jmapb

Do you have a list of the points, or do you already have a KML or GPS file? GPX files can be added into the ID editor screen on your browser, so that the points will show up at the exact coordinates.

If you have a file in KML (Google Earth) format, you can convert it to GPX at gpx2kml.com, and then downlaod the GPX file.

If you just have a list of coordinates, you can make a GPX file at www.gcgpx.cz

Once you have the GPS or GPX file downloaded, just drag the file into the map in your ID editor browser window. It should show up as bright purple lines and points with labels. Now you can zoom in to each point and get things exactly right.

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answered 08 Aug '18, 15:06

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Joseph E
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