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Is there a way to request OpenStreetMap to remove particular data due to security issues?

asked 07 Aug '18, 22:29

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The only reliable way is to convince the Data Working Group that redaction of the data is necessary:


(other ways of removing the information will not remove the history of the data)

You can email them at data@osmfoundation.org. Some members of the group do participate on this site.

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answered 08 Aug '18, 03:48

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A frequent type of "security issue" request to the Data Working Group is: "This path is on private grounds and unsafe to use, I want it removed" to which the usual response is a recommendation of (or help in) marking the path as private in OSM rather than remove it. Another "security issue" request is: "This object represents critical infrastructure and we don't want it on a map", in which case DWG will try to establish how the object is marked on the ground, and consider removing information from OSM that is "insider knowledge". Redactions would only be applied in severe cases.

(08 Aug '18, 08:38) Frederik Ramm ♦
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