I added some buildings to the osm website and set the height,and export the osm, and then I converted the osm to geojson, but there was a problem with the height attribute in the geojson code! MapBox can't get this property normally, so who can help me solve this problem!

The conversion tool is freely downloaded from the Internet

alt text

asked 07 Aug '18, 10:13

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The image you added is essentially illegible. You haven't told us what you are using to convert from OSM format to geojson, without that it is a bit difficult to help (any sane converter should simply keep the tags one way or the other).

(07 Aug '18, 10:24) SimonPoole ♦

"freely downloaded from the Internet" is not particularly helpful, a name or a URL would be much more.

(07 Aug '18, 10:48) SimonPoole ♦

You need to tell the conversion program to treat height as an attribute. This blog discusses how to configure ogr2ogr to treat additional tags as attributes, other systems will have different ways of doing it:


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answered 07 Aug '18, 10:50

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I did not learn to use the command line tool,Is there a direct conversion tool?

(08 Aug '18, 13:20) unity007

I solved the problem using the FME tool

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answered 09 Aug '18, 04:33

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