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I have to add 20 repairing workshops (in West of France) who filled a form on my website. Each one corresponds to a collaborative group of people and generally, one or twice a month, they propose to anyone to come and repair together small electronic appliance, clothes, bicycle, small furniture. Some of this organization signed the charter "Repair Café" https://repaircafe.org/en/ .

I have read several discussions (english and german) and wiki pages about dedicated tags. But it's still not clear to me and I'd like to have your feedback and hopefully a kind of official tag.

If someone know an international or french open-data map about repairing workshop, tell me.

My idea is to put this tags :

  • repair=assisted_self_service : always
  • amenity=workshop : always
  • leisure=Repair cafe : if they signed the charter "Repair Café".
  • repair:clothes=yes
  • repair:furniture=yes
  • repair:computers=yes
  • repair:camera=yes
  • repair:bicycle=yes
  • repair:electronics=yes

Is it correct ?



asked 07 Aug '18, 01:18

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edited 07 Aug '18, 01:22

I think repair cafes are a good idea lots of stuff that goes to landfill or for scrap can be repaired of used for spares. The problem mapping the cafes, unless they are a cafe as well, is they seem to be closed most of the time. Maybe create a node with the contact info telephone, website or email.

(07 Aug '18, 11:43) andy mackey

I'd suggest having a look at taginfo to see what tags other people have used for this sort of thing.

(07 Aug '18, 12:21) SomeoneElse ♦

Maybe create a node with the contact info telephone, website or email.

yes. The schedules of the place (sometimes a café, sometimes not) is not the same as the one for the repairing workshop. I think it also think it should be a separate node.

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answered 07 Aug '18, 12:45

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edited 07 Aug '18, 12:45

After remarks when inserting data :

I add a new marker for each workshop (even if a marker exist on the same place, but activity and schedules are differents)

I put this tags :

  • amenity=workshop : always
  • leisure=Repair Café : if they signed - the charter "Repair Café".
  • name
  • office=association
  • repair=assisted_self_service : always
  • service:fabrik:repair=yes
  • service:furniture:repair=yes
  • service:computer:repair=yes
  • service:camera:repair=yes
  • service:bicycle:repair=yes
  • service:small_electronics_device=yes
  • service_times


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answered 27 Aug '18, 02:36

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edited 28 Aug '18, 03:26

Instead of leisure=Repair cafe do you mean leisure=Repair Café (4 times in taginfo)? Update: Thanks for the edit.

By the way: the characters used here are not really a good idea, see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Any_tags_you_like#Characters . leisure=repair_cafe would be the usual tag construction regarding the character set.

(27 Aug '18, 06:53) aseerel4c26 ♦
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