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it has been several days of waiting, and it looks like my tile server is finally up and running, but I'm not seeing what I expected. what is the easiest way to view m maps now to really test and make sure the server is working correctly. I have some software that I built the OSM Server for, but that is not working right now and I want to be sure that the tile server is doing what it supposed to be doing. If I brows to, I do get a plain White and blue map image of the world, but I have loaded north america, and was expecting to see something a bit more detailed. If I watch on the command line and monitor the rendering, I can change the z/x/y settings and see renderd and debug lines come up, but I'm still not getting a detailed map of anything. Is there an easy way to dump the tiles to a website to view the map?

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Simply set up a small web page with OpenLayers or Leaflet (e.g., follow instructions under "Other tile sets" to add your own tiles). You could even BBBike's map compare service and add your own server as an extra layer ( then follow "console" link in the footer to add your own tile URL). Needless to say, both depend on your tile server being accessible from wherever you run the browser.

A "white and blue world map but no details" usually means that your rendering toolchain works in principle, but the renderer cannot access the database right; either your database is empty, or you have configured the renderer to access a wrong one, or your data is in the wrong projection and therefore all appears at 0;0, something like that.

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Ifollowed the instructions from , but I changed the username from renderaccount, and wonder if I missed a setting somewhere and left one of the usernames set as renderaccount instead of my new account. would you have a good starting point to see if it was missed somewhere. usually when I hit a roadblock like this, I will wipe the drive and reinstall, but now with all of the data that took days to render, I don't want to restart if I don't have to.

(02 Aug '18, 20:13) KD7VEA

There are a few other things that you can do. I'd start with these:

1) You can try and search for some data that should have been loaded, such as this node (a city in Nebraska):

psql gis
gis=> SELECT * FROM planet_osm_nodes WHERE (id = 151398920);

It should come back and provide details and say "(1 row)".

2) You can look at what's happening in the syslog file and investigate any errors in there.

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answered 06 Aug '18, 21:17

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