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I have been downloading OSM state maps of Australia onto my Garmin GPSMaps 60CSx using MapSource, which has been working well. However I have noticed that some states have been incorrectly labelled, especially for South Australian maps (labelled as Tasmania) as well as other some other maps. An example of this is where I search a street and the detailed information contains the incorrect state (as mentioned earlier), even when I haven't included that state in my downloads.

From what I can see everything is labelled correctly in OSM. Is there something in the settings that need to be changed in MapSource?

I have tried to download the maps several times and the same error occurs. It doesn't limit me using the maps/GPS in anyway but it is annoying.

Any help or comments are appreciated.

asked 22 Jul '11, 11:44

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Where did you get the map that you installed on your Garmin? There are many different versions of these available from different places, and the way that the address information is presented may depend on parameters provided when the map was created. An example of a particular street that displays as being in the wrong state would also be useful.

(22 Jul '11, 15:42) SomeoneElse ♦

I got the map (routable set) from the OSM Australia website ). I believe it is updated from the main OSM website.

Examples of the wrong labelling include all of the towns/suburbs within South Australia are labelled as Tasmania, e.g. Adelaide, TAS; Modbury, TAS; and Port Augusta, TAS. Of course when you then look at the street, the incorrect labelling remais the same, e.g. after searching for a particular street, Amber Road, Hope Valley, the Map Info states "Located in Hope Valley, Tasmaina"

I can send through screen shots from my GPS if needed.

(23 Jul '11, 08:34) stellis

This can be an annoying problem. Towns, Cities or States need a polygon to contain them and if it is not there or broken the named node will cover an undefined area. I have fixed some in my area but because of problems with the nominatim it took a couple of months for the nominatim search to work as I had hoped. So fix the boundaries and have a lot of patience. Older question

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answered 22 Aug '11, 11:53

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