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I am trying to write a query to get all bike lanes to display on a map for my project. I want to display all types of bike lanes(shared ,dedicated,tracks etc)

[out:json][timeout:25]; // gather results ( // query part for: “cycleway=*”

// sharrow
way"cycleway"="shared_lane" ;

// CONVENTIONAL BICYCLE LANE // lane on both sides of the street

// lane on either side

// dedicated bikeways


); out body;

; out skel qt;

Am I missing some parameters because I am not getting the same map as open cycle maps. I understand that the open cycle maps is displaying cycling routes as well. So I added the parameter


But I am not very sure about what a relation is. Also it gives a lot of overlapping paths. Are all bile paths covered under a relation? Also from my understanding, this relation also has routes which would not necessarily go through a bike path. Coming back to my original question, are there any other parameters that I can add to my query to get all bike paths?

I found this query on overpass turbo:

/ This shows the cycleway and cycleroute network. /


( // get cycle route relatoins
// get cycleways
way[highway=path]bicycle=designated; );

out body;

; out skel qt;

But this doesn't show info about the paths like shares, one way, left,right. I want all these parameters as well to segregate the diff types of bicycle paths

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Bicycle routes are a list of ways (which could be normal streets, cycleways and so on) that are part of the route, not directly infrastructure itself.

To get all cycle infrastructure you will need to retrieve at least:

  • all roads that have additional tags indicating cycle infrastructure (cycleway=lane and cycleway=track)
  • all highway=cycleway
  • all highway=footway and highway=path that allow bicycle use or are intended for such (bicycle=yes, bicycle=designated, bicycle=official)

You will probably further need to de-duplicate roads from the first point that actually have separately mapped infrastructure from the last two items.

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answered 24 Jul '18, 21:57

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