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Right now, we run osrm-routed for a single region by running something like

/usr/local/bin/osrm-routed -i -p 5000 --algorithm=MLD great-britain-latest.osrm

Now, if we were to add another region (say, the Middle East), do I need to run another instance of osrm-routed and use nginx or something to send the requests to one of these servers? Or is it possible to merge the two results. Googling for this gave me answers like osmosis to convert, but they were working on pbf but the osrm-routed seems to work on .osrm files.

Can you please suggest if the only way is to run multiple osrm-routed servers?


asked 23 Jul '18, 08:21

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You cannot merge two OSRM files, you have to merge the .osm.pbf before you process them into a routing graph.

The alternative is, as you say, running multiple OSRM daemons. It is possible to hide them behind an Apache or nginx web server and, if the bounding boxes are disjunct like e.g. routing for the US and the Middle East, you could even have the server look at the coordinates and "guess" which backend to send the request to.

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answered 23 Jul '18, 09:07

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks for the quick response. If we have disjunct areas like US and MiddleEast, would merging the osm.pbf file work, as there are areas in between that are left out. I am going to give it a try anyway.

(23 Jul '18, 09:10) Raja

Sure it will work, you won't be able to compute routes between the areas but that's all.

(23 Jul '18, 10:19) Frederik Ramm ♦

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