I've downloaded the coastlines of Canada and now like to delete all islands, because I need just the contiguous coastline.

For this I think I should delete all closed ways with a certain size. How can I filter for area size in JOSM?

asked 21 Jul '18, 14:01

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That would be closed areasize:-200. Replace the number with your preferred size in square meters.

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answered 21 Jul '18, 14:23

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A search string like areasize:-100 will find areas up to 100 m² in size.

With "Expert mode" active (tick the item at the bottom of the view menu), the search window shows a hint for this search.

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answered 21 Jul '18, 14:25

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Thanks for your replies.

But I have got many small areas from simplification (show as < 0.1 with measurement) which are not getting found by either "areasize:-100" or "waylength:-200". Adding "closed" to the string also doesn't change this.

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answered 21 Jul '18, 14:32

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Can you point us to an example?

(21 Jul '18, 14:35) Hjart

Download coastlines from overpass-turbo, export as geojson and simplify with https://github.com/maxogden/simplify-geojson

(21 Jul '18, 14:43) norcross

Can you point us to a specific area that isn't found with the filters given above? Like i.e. https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/28296760 . Please note that the areasize filter will work for areas consisting of 1 OSM way only. The coastlines of many islands are defined by more than one OSM way. To filter those islands using the filter you will need to join the coastline ways into only one.

(21 Jul '18, 14:48) Hjart

I think it doesn't work when opening a geojson file, only when directly downloading from the OSM server.

(21 Jul '18, 15:03) norcross

There's a bug in the JOSM geojson parser where it doesn't close areas.


(22 Jul '18, 12:56) maxerickson
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