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Hi, Received empty responses for some postalcodes. Example: states&postalcode=98138

asked 19 Jul '18, 11:52

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Do you have reason to believe the post code you are looking for is indeed mapped in OSM? If not, then that would be the most logical explanation.

(19 Jul '18, 12:19) Frederik Ramm ♦

There are 0 occurrences of both postal_code=98138 and addr:postcode=98138 in the United States in the OSM database (though there are a few addr:postcode in Sweden and one in Singapore.

(19 Jul '18, 16:57) alester

@Frederik Ramm @alester: Thanks for your responses. I hope its valid postal code in 'Tukwila,Washington,US' & 'Seattle,Washington,US'. So i have added the same in OSM. Is it right way?

(20 Jul '18, 11:00) Rajavelu_M

Well, there are now two disconnected nodes with this addr:postcode, but neither has a full address, they seem to be in fairly random spots, and it seems unlikely that separate cities like downtown Seattle and Tukwila would have the same ZIP code. What's your source for this information?

(20 Jul '18, 16:47) alester

For reference: 5772838029 and 5772394662

(20 Jul '18, 16:48) alester

At least that first source does not have a compatible license, so it should not be used as a source for any OSM data. The latter two give different results for the same ZIP code, so their validity seems questionable and you'd have to do more research to decide which is more accurate.

(20 Jul '18, 17:30) alester
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