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I'm using Mapinfo and would like to export a map of a local authority but when fitting the LA to the viewable window the scale changes and i lose the detail.

How can i export the higher level of detail but over a larger geographic area? Is there a way of fixing the scale so it doesnt automatically change when you zoom in and out?


asked 17 Jul '18, 17:42

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Paul Jackson
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There are a number of other ways to export OSM based maps, that may be more suitable for your particular purpose: OSM_on_Paper

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answered 17 Jul '18, 20:08

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Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what to look at regarding your link though. I'm using Mapinfo to create the map. Any further pointers please?

(18 Jul '18, 00:31) Paul Jackson

If Mapinfo Pro is what you are talking about, I think you'll have more luck asking at their website.

This is an OSM centric help site, not a general gis help site.

(18 Jul '18, 09:37) Hjart

I cant be the only person using OSM in Mapinfo. Isnt OSM viewable in many products? The auto scales is intrinsic to OSM so I cant be the only person to come across this.

(19 Jul '18, 17:09) Paul Jackson

It isn't intrinsic to OSM - OSM is just a collection of geodata; you can display anything you want at any scale at all. If MapInfo is using's default tiles (which are just one way of showing the geodata) but is unable to scale the tiles as you want, that sounds like a generic issue with MapInfo. It doesn't hurt to ask here but I imagine you'd have more luck on a MapInfo-specific forum or on .

(19 Jul '18, 17:34) Richard ♦

Yes, OSM is indeed viewable in many products. Please note though that OSM is just data (points, lines, relations and tags), not the way it is presented in each of those products.

(19 Jul '18, 17:36) Hjart

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