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Hello! I came up with an interesting situation, when the named way disappeared in reality, but it is still being used in building addresses and it also exists on proprietary maps (Google, Bing). The place I'm talking about:

alt text

Here's how the place looked before these apartments were built:

alt text

There are no signs of Sillavan Way on the ground actually. Also it is missing in OSM. I've updated apartment buildings which had lack of details but how to deal with this ghost way? Any suggestions?


asked 10 Jul '18, 09:48

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Sergey Karavay
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Has the way been destroyed (replaced by buildings, etc) or just renamed ? If the way doesn't exist anymore, then delete it and update the building's address to match the closest way. If the way was merely renamed, use a combination of "name=*" and "old_name=*" tags.

PS: Drop the habit of checking proprietary maps for reference: they are often not such a good reference, and using them can lead to legal troubles.

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answered 10 Jul '18, 11:11

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Apartments were built were that way was located, and there are no signs of that way anymore on the ground (maybe it can be approximated by a passage between the buildings and an internal yard but I'm not sure). The problem is if you search for that apartments you'll see that their address is Sillavan way, which was removed..

I'll probably ask on their site what is the valid address for them :)

By the way, one related question. These apartments are of 4 buildings, named "blocks": A, B, C, D. Is it ok to put those into addr:housenumber?

(10 Jul '18, 11:47) Sergey Karavay

Proprietary maps were used there to show the issue. OSM can't find those apartments at all.

(10 Jul '18, 11:50) Sergey Karavay

Sounds like there's still a way to access the building entrances ? Maybe downdrade it from residential to alley ? It could have a name that just isn't signposted yet. Go survey or email them.

addr:housenumber=A on the building sounds fine, if that's the only way those are numbered. Have a look at addr:housename too.

(10 Jul '18, 12:42) Vincent de P... ♦

1) If the way used to exist, but you think it would be useful to keep it in the OSM database rather than completely deleting it, you could add the demolished lifecycle prefix (ie demolished:highway=residential) as described here: 2) The building's address in OSM should be what is used for the building, which may not necessary be the closest way.

(10 Jul '18, 14:22) neuhausr

@neuhausr nice suggestion. I'm waiting what the apartment building owners will tell me, but this definitely makes sense.

(10 Jul '18, 15:51) Sergey Karavay

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