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I am new and need help tagging.

I want to tag semi restricted access, so routing not generally allowed but offered as an option for those with permission. Namely a large private estate that has access for certain people only to pass through unrestricted and for others to enter with payment or permission. The mapping needs to allow access to a navigation app to show routing but not general routing access between destinations?

So access is allowed in part but not for all?

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Welcome Twizy -- The routes should be drawn and tagged as pertains to their use by the general public, not those with a private arrangement with the landowner. How this is best tagged depends on the way that the payment is taken and the permission issued.

  • If there's a physical barrier on the route where anyone may enter after paying a fee, tag this as barrier=toll_booth and further clarify the payment with a toll=* tag and possibly toll:*=* subtags.
  • If the payment is not a toll paid for the route, but rather something like a general use fee for the area that anyone may pay (even though some special people may be allowed to visit for free), tag the route access=customers and clarify the fee with a fee=* tag and possibly fee:*=* subtags.
  • If public access is generally not permitted but exceptions are made on an individual basis, tag the route access=private. You can also still add fee=* info if applicable.

Note that there's no guarantee that any particular navigation app will respect these tags -- but it's a good idea to add them anyway.

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answered 09 Jul '18, 21:58

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