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The site where we want to use this map deals with areas of conflict where borders are in dispute so it would be much better to show only the map with no border lines, is this possible without having to create custom tiles?

I guess the question is whether the lines are part of the tiles or some sort of overlay which could be switched off.

Apologies if there is an answer to this somewhere, I have searched and searched and can't find find anything.

asked 20 Jul '11, 17:43

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If you export the map as svg it is easy to edit the map using your favorite svg editor. The problem is that you only get a static map and have to redo this whenever you want a newer map.

The general rule of disputed borders is to tag both contries clames and let the areas overlap. This way the borders are rendered and both contries have their clamed borders intact.

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answered 20 Jul '11, 19:40

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No. The standard tiles on contain country borders and you cannot remove them without rendering your own tiles (or maybe applying some fierce hack whereby you remove anything that has the kind of magenta colour we use for borders).

There may be other tile sources that don't show borders or don't show them as prominently but I am not currently aware of any.

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answered 20 Jul '11, 17:56

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The alternative is to render your own tiles with your own styling. You can use Mapnik, Osmarender, Maperitive...

(20 Jul '11, 20:44) Breki

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