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I want to get data for addresses and roads legally in OpenStreetMap, what sources can I use?

asked 04 Jul '18, 04:35

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Do you want to contribute to OpenStreetMap or do you want to use OpenStreetMap in our own (software/website) project/application? There may be country differences, so please mention which country you are in.

(04 Jul '18, 06:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

I want to contribute to OpenStreetMap, I live in the USA

(04 Jul '18, 06:03) TheAdventurer64

You can go out and survey the world around you! Then use editing software such as iD, Potlatch 2, or JOSM to enter your findings into OSM. That's how OSM is made.

Third-party data can be used only if its licence is compatible with OSM's. In practice, this means you can use US Government federal data but not much else unless you have explicit permission. However, there are also strict rules on adding data in bulk from external sources, because it's very easy to screw up and make the map worse for everyone. See . This means it's not a task for a beginner.

Starting with surveying is the best way to get into OSM.

Note also that you must not copy from Google or other copyrighted maps or imagery - their licences aren't compatible with ours.

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answered 04 Jul '18, 15:05

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Richard ♦
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That's good, but there are satalite issues, so how do I know which house is which?

(04 Jul '18, 19:38) TheAdventurer64

Hi, You can use to download streets data. Click on Wizard-query wizard window will open-in the search box ant type highway=* then go for- run and build query.your data will display on the map.then you can click on Export tab.

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answered 04 Jul '18, 06:19

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That's great... But I want data from other sources free to use...

(04 Jul '18, 08:22) TheAdventurer64

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