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I noticed a non existent city that is showing in Idaho. When viewing Idaho at a relatively high level you can see Boise and a city called "round about" which doesn't exist. It seems that it was erroneously placed on the map. I've attempted to remove it but have been unsuccessful. I also noticed that when you zoom in the city disappears at a particular level with no apparent associated features.

Is there a way to remove this?

asked 28 Jun '18, 22:26

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location link: Currently I see it from z6 to z12.

(29 Jun '18, 05:47) aseerel4c26 ♦

just a sidenote: the edits of the original which caused this wrong city were all undone in the meantime (just in case someone is curious).

(29 Jun '18, 22:32) aseerel4c26 ♦

I just checked and it looks like there's only one tile with the name still left. Progress.

(02 Jul '18, 17:03) CGOGD

With we find:

I had a look with with a scope of the whole North America area and could not find any other object there with the name "round about". (well, that one: , which is a street round about on Jamaica island)

So, we have to wait for the update process of those zoom levels. See and also kocio's (18 Dec '17, 03:59) comment there : first Sunday of each month is the next update of the low zoom tiles. That would be 1st July. Last one was 3rd June which is why the last update did not remove the wrong label.

The z12 tile is (via right click on map). Before its status: "Tile is clean. Last rendered at Mon Jun 04 03:37:19 2018."

I have appended /dirty to its URL to request re-rendering. That made it update before the schedule. Now it is this status: "Tile is clean. Last rendered at Fri Jun 29 05:07:32 2018. ". And the label is gone. I did so for z11-z6 too. Already (after not more than 2 minutes) all wrong labels are gone.

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answered 29 Jun '18, 06:04

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 29 Jun '18, 06:42

Thanks very much for your assistance. You stated that the status is:

"Tile is clean. Last rendered at Fri Jun 29 05:07:32 2018.". And the label is gone.

I checked the map and it is still showing for me so I assume you can see the tiles before they are pushed to the public. If it should be updated on July 1st I'll just check it again on Monday. Much appreciated.

(29 Jun '18, 16:50) CGOGD

@CGOGD: you're welcome!

I have no special access. Very very likely it is just your browser showing you cached map tiles. Bypass your browser's cache to request fresh tiles from the servers.

(29 Jun '18, 18:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

No cache. I run my browser in private mode normally. Just to make sure I tried to clear caches on other browsers and try a different system and it is still coming up showing the errant tiles. Do you have a link to see the map with the clean tiles? In addition, I am using the default layer that comes up with browsing right to Thanks.

(29 Jun '18, 21:05) CGOGD

@CGOGD: hmm, what do you see at ? Or try this:

If it still shows up the old, wrong label, then it may be that the tile cache server which is serving you did not catch up correctly with the tile rendering server. See Simon's answer over there. shows "Cache Server:" for me (from Germany). shows a map of (usual? current?) countries and their servers. If that is the issue why you still do not see the updated tiles, then... I guess just waiting is best.

(29 Jun '18, 21:42) aseerel4c26 ♦

On both of the links provided, I still see the old wrong label. My cache server is, which may explain the discrepancy. I'll just wait and post an update on Monday. Thanks again for all of your help.

(29 Jun '18, 21:56) CGOGD

Usually re-rendering of low zoom (z0-z12) happens twice a month, and you can't force the refresh, but there are some problems and they wait before they update the style (which triggers low zoom re-rendering):

(30 Jun '18, 15:00) kocio

@kocio: okay, but why do I see the tiles without a wrong label after I applied /dirty? Furthermore says the tile has been re-rendered.

(30 Jun '18, 17:02) aseerel4c26 ♦

I'm not sure, but new update seems to be done and the label is gone now:

"Last rendered at Sun Jul 01 17:11:23 2018."

(02 Jul '18, 01:11) kocio
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I also see it at zoom level 12 but not level 13 and above. The tiles for lower zoom levels are updated less frequently so it is possible that you have correctly removed it but will need to wait to see the change at lower zooms.

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answered 28 Jun '18, 23:10

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Thanks for your response. Do you know approximately how long it takes to update the tiles? It's been there for at least a week. Or alternatively do you know if anybody can be contacted to expedite the process?

Thanks again.

(28 Jun '18, 23:24) CGOGD
(02 Jul '18, 01:18) kocio

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