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Is it possible to export layer styles to mapnik from QGIS?

As I understand it, it used to be possible once by means of quantumnik plug-in, which is discontinued now.

Is that it? No other ways to do it?

It's rather frustrating to have a map ready in QGIS and to be unable to export the styles to mapnik sitting on the same data!

asked 28 Jun '18, 21:25

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Your question is likely better placed on GIS Stackexchange.

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answered 29 Jun '18, 08:04

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Thanks for the hint!

(29 Jun '18, 08:48) Mixroc

You can generate tiles direct from QGIS, in case that meets your use-case. The plug-in has not been under development for 5-6 years, looks as if it uses Cascadenik too, and apparently hasn't worked since QGIS 1.8. The list of dependencies (QGIS 3.0, python bindings, mapnik bindings etc) would suggest that it is pretty much dead software.

(29 Jun '18, 13:22) SK53 ♦

@SK53, thanks for the suggestion! I remember trying a similar plugin and it indeed was of certain use. Still, this time I am interested specifically in exporting the QGIS layer styles to Mapnik, as I have to set up a Mapnik system and I am not pleased with the prospects of re-creating all QGIS styles by hand.

(30 Jun '18, 09:07) Mixroc

Why not use QGIS Server to create a WMS service?:

This is almost certainly the only way to fully maintain your QGIS styling in a webservice.

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answered 30 Jun '18, 09:35

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Ah, well, it must be Mapnik. Because of the reasons. Thank you anyway, there may be cases when QGIS tile server may be the way to go.

(01 Jul '18, 14:47) Mixroc

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