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In the U.S., when a driver encounters a red light while needing to turn right, they must make a complete stop and yield to cars with green lights before turning right. There are some intersections where turning on red is prohibited, hence "no turn on red." I couldn't find much documentation on this, so I wasn't sure what key:value pair to use. Thank you!

asked 25 Jun '18, 10:40

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Can you explain with a few more words what "no turn on red" is supposed to mean?

(25 Jun '18, 10:51) scai ♦

@scai I think the default, in some places (which drive on the right), is that, at an intersection with traffic lights, you can turn right if there is a red light. "no turn on red" means you cannot do that.

(25 Jun '18, 11:20) rorym

@rorym has it pretty close: At least in the area I live you are allowed to make a right turn on a red light after coming to a complete stop. You must, of course, yield (give way) to any traffic that has the green light. There are intersections where that is deemed unsafe and those are signed with "no turn on red".

(25 Jun '18, 13:26) n76

Yes, @rorym and @stf are both talking about what I'm talking about!

(25 Jun '18, 15:49) MeghanKNg

See ( for further background. Note that while right-on-red is legal in most of the USA, 1) New York City is a notable exception, no right-on-red unless explicitly signed, and 2) Some areas use signals that display a red arrow to prohibit right-on-red during parts of the traffic cycle, and other times display a normal red circle that permits right-on-red.

(27 Jun '18, 20:20) jmapb

The German highway=traffic_signals wiki page lists red_turn:right=yes/no for specifying whether turning right is allowed if lights are red. According to taginfo this key has already been used more than 1000 times.

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answered 25 Jun '18, 11:36

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In Germany the situation is exactly the other way round. In almost all cases it is not allowed to turn right on red. The few exceptions are signed at the traffic lights and get tagged with red_turn:right=yes. In the absence of any better suggestion I don't see why this tag should not be used for the "no turn on red" case.

(25 Jun '18, 14:57) TZorn

I'm not sure what the rationale is, since AFAICT, this is largely a USian thing, and the USDOT has been talking about encouraging states to revoke the 1970s fuel efficiency move to allow turns on red by moving back to no turns on red as default, making it largely moot.

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answered 26 Jun '18, 02:14

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