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I see two ways of adding a barrier (gate): 1. Click on the road way, add vertex and then designate this node as a barrier 2. Choose the Point editing tool and add a separate node, tag as barrier --> gate.

Which is the recommended approach? I'm thinking a node on the road way would be best, is this node associated with road way? I see a lot of instances where a user will add a point as the gate/barrier but it's not on the road way itself, but may be very close in proximity. How do routing engines handle this?

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"How do routing engines handle this?" They don't if it is not part of the way.

(21 Jun '18, 07:47) scai ♦

I always put it on the way. I believe JOSM even complains with a warning for barrier nodes that are not placed on a way. It is an obstacle on a road, so it also belongs there.

It is also described as such on the wiki.

AFAIK, there are not a lot of routing engines that block routing over a way when there is only a node with access restrictions. They only use access restrictions on the way. IMHO, this is a bug and not a reason to add a short OSM way with restrictions. An example is a bollard in the middle of the road that can be approached from both sides. In such case it should be suffcient to add a node with e.g. barrier=bollard; motor_vehicle=no

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Both OSRM and Graphhopper, the two most popular routing engines, will block routes through barrier nodes if configured appropriately. (For example,, which uses OSRM, will not route bikes past a barrier=stile.)

(21 Jun '18, 08:17) Richard ♦

Richard, thank you for this info. It's great to hear that they start to implement this.

(21 Jun '18, 08:20) escada

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated @escada

(22 Jun '18, 01:19) markzawi

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