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We are doing a mobile navigation app with the following features:

  • based on locally stored (offline) OSM-maps
  • live routing based on GPS data
  • predefined routes
  • possibility for the user to create routes and navigate on them

The self-defined routes are created by ourselves independently from OSM data. Do we need to share this route data if it's kept in separate files and drawn as overlay?

Is it relevant if the route data consists only of geo-coordinates or if we also pre-process it before distribution to link to OSM data (in order to make the app faster and development easier)?

asked 19 Jul '11, 11:27

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I Am Not A Lawyer, but:

The crucial question is: Are you adding to or modifying the OpenStreetMap data in some way? If not, then there's actually nothing to share, since all you're doing is using the existing data. Only if you're combining the OSM data with another source (perhaps a database of GPS traces, showing streets that aren't in OSM) to produce your routing mesh do you trigger the share-alike provisions of the licence.

Also bear in mind that the main OSM database only stores data that can be verified by independent mappers in some way, so your routes probably aren't suitable for inclusion anyway.

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answered 19 Jul '11, 11:35

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If you are creating the routes without any OSM data then the routes does not have to be licenced under OSM terms. Even when displaying the routes on top of OSM data it is still a seperate dataset.

In addition it seems that the data is only for private use. Copyright laws states that you can use and modify data for private use. That means that you can use any data source as long as you only use it in private and don't distribute it.

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answered 19 Jul '11, 12:30

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