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I have been looking at local Police Stations to improve data such as address details, opening times etc and know of a few Police buildings that are not 'stations' so do not appear to warrant the amenity tag but not sure how to tag it correctly.

This example here is a 'tactical operations' unit (offices and garage facilities) which does not have facilities for 'where suspects and evidence are collected and processed' per the wiki so doesn't seem to fit the amenity tag.

Another example is here which is the police headquarters and again is not a 'station' but is primarily an administrative building.

Should these have the amenity tag removed and have suitable name & operator tags applied?

asked 15 Jun '18, 13:18

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Good question, but the wiki description is woefully inadequate. I might want to visit a police station for my collection of mushrooms to be checked for safety, or to arrange for parking bays to be marked off for a delivery, or to report an item of lost property. I think the key property of the classic police station is that it has some public-facing aspect, but more and more are losing that aspect. Perhaps office=police, but I am not sure.

(15 Jun '18, 14:15) SK53 ♦

Like SK53, I'd have gone with office=police too. office=government; government=police seems to be a bit more popular, but not much. I suspect most of them are just "office=government".

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answered 15 Jun '18, 14:34

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Thanks SK53 & SomeoneElse. I will go an use SomeoneElse's tags as they seem to be used more..

(18 Jun '18, 08:36) papaj

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