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Hello, I have setup my internal The Rails Port which runs on 3000, when i am trying to access it over public IP , example : , this is horrible slow!!! , but internally its fine no issues at all , its not that my internet bandwidth is slow , so why its so slow ?

is there any explanation like security handshake or some thing like this ?

Please help me her.

asked 10 Jun '18, 22:05

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If you run something else on port 3000 and connect to that (a simple web server perhaps), is it still slow? It might be that your ISP is throttling traffic on port 3000.

If you'd like people to help you'll need to provide a bit more information - "horrible slow" doesn't describe what you've have done to try and investigate and resolve the problem. It's a bit like saying "my car won't go" without providing any more information (Does the engine turn over? Have some scallies nicked the wheels?).

(10 Jun '18, 23:28) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi @SomeoneElse, Thanks for the reply. I think i am understanding the probelem, its not with ISP, as we have dedicated businss line with unmanaed router.

i was testing with anoer link where i am using leaftlate with internal tiles , when i am calling this over public domain port 80, its actually unable to resolve the internal Ip when calling like this opaque: false, url: '{z}/{x}/{y}.png'

so had to chagne it to url: '{z}/{x}/{y}.png' but then its slow ( i guess for DNS Query), so had to eidt host file to map manually domain with interal IP, now its fine.

let me try the same with Rails Port, i will come back tomorrow

Thanks for the help

(11 Jun '18, 00:41) fosiul

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