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Dear Sir or Madam, I am seeking your help to solve a critical issue regarding the map of Morocco. We have been advised by Zoho Campaigns support team to contact you directly as they are using your map in one of their applications. In this map, you show part of the Moroccan territory as being “western sahara”. This country doesn’t exist for Morocco, the UN, the EU and the very large majority of countries in the world. Morocco is one undivided country having Algeria and Mauritania as neighbors. How can we get this issue solved and have the real map of Morocco displayed ? Thank you in advance Mehdi

asked 09 Jun '18, 03:36

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Mehdi Rafi
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The DWG has received a ticket with the same question and replied by pointing to

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answered 09 Jun '18, 09:04

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Just to add a couple of points to this - there's another help question here that has more discussion about the issues involved in the decisions to show the boundaries in OSM in that area as they are currently shown.

Also one more thing - nothing in OSM controls what the map that Zoho Campaigns shows your customers and potential customers. It's perfectly possible to create a map from OSM data that shows your desired borders. Here is an example for India (see the section that says "'Fixing' the boundaries of India").

(09 Jun '18, 10:16) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you very much for your answers. I will refer back to ZOHO team. The territory you are showing in your map is a demilitarized zone east of the wall that Moroccans built on their territory after the sands war, and is monitored by Minurso. On the ground "western sahara " or "rasd" doesn't exist.

(10 Jun '18, 01:24) Mehdi Rafi
  • east if the wall that Moroccans built on their territory...
(10 Jun '18, 01:32) Mehdi Rafi

A) this is not a question B) even by a long stretch of imagination the area is not an undisputed part of Morocco

Closing for above reasons.

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answered 09 Jun '18, 09:08

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I agree with you and I sincerely hope that this artificial conflict would end soon. I trust in the U.N. ability to helpiing solve this 42 years old conflict peacefully.

(10 Jun '18, 01:44) Mehdi Rafi

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