Hello All, I have installed Rails port , from map point of view its working fine , Navigation works good. only problem is Search is not working, example if i type "City of London" then select one link from the search it will give me bellow error Sorry, translation missing: en-GB.type.node #107775 could not be found.

what does it mean ? and how to fix it ?

asked 08 Jun '18, 11:10

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You likely don't have any data in the database of the rails-port.

The search itself works because that will go to the OSMF nominatim servers, but because you don't have the data locally your rails port won't be able to display anything.

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answered 08 Jun '18, 16:21

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SimonPoole ♦
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ahh ok , i think i am understanding,

so if i do search on Ralis-port, it actually goes to nomination server,

so you saying, if i setup a nomination server then the search will work ?

(08 Jun '18, 18:05) fosiul

Have a look at 2 pictures it give the search result https://ibb.co/bW8FYT

When i click on any link, it gives you the map but through an errr https://ibb.co/bNeptT

so does it mean, I dont have nomination server locally ?

(08 Jun '18, 18:12) fosiul

It would maybe be a good idea to explain what you want to be able to do with the system in the end.

(08 Jun '18, 18:46) SimonPoole ♦

@SimonPoole Actually that search is not important to me as I am not going to offer services to people for searching by using our map.

but I am just courious why thats failling and what i can do to fix it thats all. its just bugging me.

(09 Jun '18, 00:57) fosiul

As already said, the search box on your rails-port instance is using the OSMF nominatim servers, which return found data that isn't in your local API database. The rails-port then tries to display the corresponding element on the map from the local storage which naturally fails because your API database is likely unpopulated (try the same search on openstreetmap.org and you will see what happens).

(09 Jun '18, 10:22) SimonPoole ♦
(10 Jun '18, 20:41) fosiul
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