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Hello, In our country specically in undeveloped area , I dont see all the road , only main road, now what will be the best way to add road in the map ?

I was reading wiki, i thought that GPS trace is the easy way , but I dont understand how it work , so would be greatfull if any one can explain me a little bit .

is there any andorid software i can use for GPS Trace? now if use Cyle or motor bike ,even car to use a GPS trace, then upload it,will it work ?

i just need basic understanding the rest i should be able to figure it.

We are trying to build a map platform, so having a map of road is important for us but in openstreet its missing totally.

Thanks for explanning Fosiul

asked 06 Jun '18, 23:00

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Hi Fosiul, first head over to the wiki and read through the beginner's guide.

There any several different editors for OSM, but it's easiest to start with the built-in editor "iD". This is described in the beginners guide. The first time you use it, it will launch into a tutorial mode and you'll be able to learn how to make and tag a road.

There might be satellite imagery already available in iD that will show your road. If not, uploading a GPS trace is a good way to find where to put the road. (Note that just uploading the GPS trace does not cause the road to appear on the map, but it will show you where to put it.)

I haven't used it myself, but people speak highly of the android app Vespucci. It will be able to record GPS traces and upload them to the OpenStreetMap server. It can also be used as an OSM editor right from the phone, but better to start off with iD.

If you do map the roads using GPS, you'll probably want to take the road several times, in both directions, at different times, in different weather etc to get a lot of traces, and together they'll give you a good picture of where the road should be drawn.

Good luck!

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Hi Jmapb, Thanks for the response, Surely I will go thrhoug the link.

regards to GPS trace, so this is how it work ( Please correct me if i m wrong)

a) I will install android app b) by using car/cycle/motor bike i will go over the road i want to map ( couple of times) c) upload the trace to osm d) it will automatically put the road on the map ( eventhough there is no information about that "area" in openstreeet map , but the road should appear . e) then i create id to tag the road and it will apprear

Thanks Fosiul

(07 Jun '18, 08:38) fosiul

No, it won't automatically put the road on the map. But ID or any other OSM editor can display GPS traces. You can then use these as a guide to draw the road in the editor, taking care to connect it correctly to existing roads if there are any already mapped in the area.

Note that any Android app with the capability of recording a GPS trace can be used. Some of these apps also allow editing of OSM as in the example of Vespucci given above, but that is by no means necessary - if you upload a GPX file it doesn't matter which app it came from. So you might want to try a few apps to see which suits you best.

Also consider taking photos to record details on signposts for example (easier when walking than driving).

(07 Jun '18, 10:24) alan_gr

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