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HI Iam use osm for my new app but this is the first time i use osm any one can help me to get tutorial , or any resource of how to change the style and how to add kml , json to osm and how to save the county image inside the app ?

asked 02 Jun '18, 15:19

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With Android there are lots of development choices - you'd need to tell use what you're developing in first - Java? JS? Something else? What have you managed to do so far?

(02 Jun '18, 15:39) SomeoneElse ♦

sure iam using java , and i had implemint the osm in my app now i want to show single country on my app and delete all othere country data how i can acheve this , and i would like to change the style to dark

(02 Jun '18, 16:12) alsudane

Which library are you using?

(02 Jun '18, 16:15) scai ♦

osmdroid-android-4.2 this library , could i edit on the information on the map ?

(03 Jun '18, 09:02) alsudane

I would suggest using mapsforge if you want offline support and just a limited extract of the data.

(03 Jun '18, 16:14) SimonPoole ♦

thank you , what about the style dose mapsforge support dark theme ?

(03 Jun '18, 16:45) alsudane

and how i could clear the data in mapsfoge ?

(03 Jun '18, 17:46) alsudane
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See Offline Map Tiles from the osmdroid documentation. There are various ways to use offline tiles with osmdroid. Quoting from the documentation:

osmdroid provides out of the box support for several different types of offline map tile caches.

  • osmdroid's flavor of a sqlite database (recommended)
  • osmdroid ZIP
  • MBTiles
  • GEMF
  • GeoPackage (still under development)
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answered 03 Jun '18, 20:59

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scai ♦
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Aehhh, any of the options would require @alsudane to render the tiles themselves to just show "one country" which obviously doesn't really make any sense.

(03 Jun '18, 21:30) SimonPoole ♦

Alternatively he could download tiles from I guess? Or not since they seem to offer only vector tiles but no raster tiles :(

(04 Jun '18, 07:31) scai ♦

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