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Very soon i'm gonna have big amount of data with high accuracy for roads that are not registered in Uganda. The goal is to contribute to OSM by giving them out.

My first idea was to collect gpx track and them turning them into roads with potlatch 1 However it doesn't seem to connect them to the road network, as they look "on top" of it.

I come here to find some help from contributors and/or developers : what is the best way to add new roads from GPS data ? We're having high-accuracy AND big amount of data : it is not possible to correct by hand everything.

Thanks in advance, and if I find my solutions we'll have hundreds of km registered in Uganda :)

asked 02 Jun '18, 07:43

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Lucien Pineau
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Okay, after a few answers, let me correct my question: - let's say I have a lot of already corrected road, with right tags and stuff. - Those roads match satellites imagery and represents actual roads

My question is then : how to connect all of them automatically to a new/existing node on the crossing roads ?

(04 Jun '18, 08:20) Lucien Pineau

You don't do it "automatically". You do it by hand.

(04 Jun '18, 08:25) Hjart

This is crazy no one never created a tool to do this ? It's not a big problem it's just gonna take time but i'm surprised that no one never thought of making this automatic,thanks for the answers by the way

(04 Jun '18, 08:32) Lucien Pineau
(04 Jun '18, 08:42) Hjart

I'll also recommend looking into . For mass editing roads etc, it can be very helpful

(04 Jun '18, 08:45) Hjart

thanks, do you have alink or something ? In parallel i'm contacting the local OSM communtiy to discuss for an action plan

(04 Jun '18, 08:47) Lucien Pineau

A link for?

(04 Jun '18, 09:37) Hjart

@Lucien Pineau please don't use answers to expand/refine your question.

Back to the original question: connecting up the road network is really something best done manually for QA reasons (and it is something that humans are relatively good and fast at). It is not that it can't be done automatically it is that we have a large body of experience that says your proposal to do so is an accident waiting to happen (which when happened will require people to manually go over all the stuff automatically added and fix it, which is a lot more work than doing it properly the first time).

You don't need to do it alone, for example you could create a task on one of the task managers. Or you could simply make the data available in a suitable form.

(04 Jun '18, 10:13) SimonPoole ♦
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Hi, if your single test road (the only upload you've done) is anything to go by then it's unfortunately far from desirable. The test road, Way: 592937758 does not seem to line up with any apparent roads on Bing, Esri or DigitalGlobe imagery. It's not connected to the roads it approaches at either end. It has no tags at all to describe it. It really ought to be removed.

I'd suggest reading a guide to get you started. Then draw each way separately over your uploaded gpx traces, tagging each way appropriately. This page is specific to African highways.

Regards Bernard.

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answered 02 Jun '18, 12:13

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SomeoneElse ♦

This was a test for the converter that should even be uploaded... The problem here is I corrected a gpx trace by hand, trying to connect it to the road network, as it it my first problem, but i don't know how to do it

(04 Jun '18, 07:22) Lucien Pineau

Short answer; You don't add new roads from GPS data. You're actually supposed to "correct by hand" (see also I've corrected tons of roads by hand myself and can tell you that with the right tools it's not as bad as you may think.

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answered 02 Jun '18, 08:57

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Yes this subject was read, but as I said, it will be long unsurveyed roads in the rural area, and we will have real GPS, not phones. The only info i could need if I convert gpx to roads, is how to connect them to the road network.

(02 Jun '18, 11:04) Lucien Pineau

Read Hjart's answer again. You should not convert GPX tracks to roads. GPX tracks can be loaded in the editor but tracing them must be done manually.

(02 Jun '18, 16:16) scai ♦

As I said, I know, but we have a very accurate GPS and the possibility to have multiple records. My problem is then to not spend hours connecting them to the road network, as they don't need a correction.

(04 Jun '18, 07:26) Lucien Pineau

You will not end up with a navigable road network unless you "spend hours connecting them to the road network". There's no avoiding it.

(04 Jun '18, 07:31) Hjart

Get involved with the local community. You don't have to import all of these roads alone. Also make sure to read the import guidelines.

(04 Jun '18, 07:36) scai ♦

I'm not doing it alone, the collection of data will be done by a lot of people and that's why i'm searching for the good way of connecting. But if as you said there is no way of connecting them to the road network unless with hands, then... I might get to work now :p

(04 Jun '18, 08:21) Lucien Pineau
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