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The file fron (country: Singapore version: 27-05-2018) format: osm_generic_windows.exe Map installer for BaseCamp / MapSource on the Windows platform. Basecamp displayed it correctly but cannot install it completely on the Garmin device (a GPX62S). the gmapsupp.img file did work when loaded directly onto the device -- not using Basecamp. I'm a long time contributing user of this service so I think Basecamp has changed it's code and broken our installer.

asked 02 Jun '18, 07:13

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Unfortunately the latest Garmin Mapinstall is corrupt, they released a buggy update. You'll have to downgrade Basecamp to 4.6.2. See

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answered 05 Jun '18, 11:50

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Thanks -- glad to know it wasn't me doing something wrong!

(08 Jun '18, 05:26) dgp

If you have, or can find the map in .img format just transfer it to the Garmin folder. Do not put it in the wrong place it could cause problems. I like to put map.img s into a Garmin folder in the micro SD using a card reader. Then put the microSD into the device, it's safer

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answered 06 Jun '18, 16:29

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andy mackey
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I have the same issue. Installed the latest Basecamp version and thereafter cannot install existing (and new) maps (completely visible in basecamp) via Basecamp Mapinstall on the Garmin Etrex30. As an example: After installing France, complete, there is just one tile of 137 loaded on the Etrex. I will try to downgrade Basecamp to 4.6.2 as suggested above and inform here accordingly if succeeded (or not).

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answered 09 Jul '18, 09:56

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As advised:

  1. I have completely removed the latest Basecamp version 4.7.0.
  2. Runned CCLeaner to get rid of any unwanted registerlinks (if)
  3. Installed Basecamp 4.6.2. which I downloaded from
  4. Luckely, after a while, all existing stored Routes, Waypoints and OSD-Maps re-appeared as normal.
  5. Succesfully runned Mapinstall to install all tiles of the selected OSD map on the Garmin device.

@ ligfietser: Thanks for the guidance.

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answered 10 Jul '18, 11:02

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Don't use Basecamp to install the card. Donwload the zip file from OSM, unzip it and copy gmapsupp.img file to your garmin.

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answered 25 Nov '18, 18:09

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