I have reviewed all of the brewery-related wiki pages and have found that craft breweries with tasting rooms are tagged very inconsistently around Vancouver and British Columbia.

These establishments are full-on breweries (i.e. industrial sites) but have a built-in tasting room where customers can come sample their beers and buy some to take home with them.

I would like to switch to more consistent tagging, but I'm not sure exactly what the best tags are:

  • How should I tag a brewery with a tasting room but only token food options like chips and pretzels? amenity=bar, microbrewery=yes and craft=brewery?

  • How should I tag a brewery with a tasting room and significant food options? amenity=pub, microbrewery=yes and craft=brewery?

  • Should I also add shop=alcohol to all of them since they offer they sell their own beers (either in bottles/cans or reuseable containers)?

asked 31 May '18, 01:39

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If the whole building belongs to the brewery, I'd tag the building with craft=brewery (or industrial=brewery for large scale operations) and put a node inside for the tasting room, amenity=bar/pub/restaurant etc, depending on the feel of the place. For a smaller brewing outfit I'd probably just add craft=brewery to the amenity.

Indicate food options with cuisine=snack/pub/burger etc.

I don't see any problem with adding shop=alcohol directly to the amenity node, but there might be reasons to make it its own node: If it's physically separated, has different hours, name, selection (ie you can buy liquor at the pub but only beer to go), payment options, etc.

As I understand it, microbrewery=yes is for establishments that are primarily amenities but include a small brewing operation onsite, while craft=brewery is for businesses that are primarily breweries, though they often include tasting rooms. Sometimes it's a blurry distinction.

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answered 01 Jun '18, 17:16

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I'd suggest as separate features for the brewery and bar. See here for an example (which is here in OSM). I wouldn't worry about what does or does not get rendered in OSM's "Standard" map - that lags behind in a number of areas.

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answered 31 May '18, 09:36

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The example you gave looks a lot like Red Truck: a brewery and an adjoining pub in two separate buildings (or sets of buildings). Unfortunately, that's the exception in Vancouver. Most craft breweries here have their tasting room and beer store in the same building as the brew tanks. In fact, in the case of Storm, you even have to walk on spilled beer in between fermenters in order to get to the counter where you can get your container filled (i.e. the beer store). Is there any downside to tagging a single way / node with three different things (craft=brewery, amenity=bar and shop=alcohol)? Will renderers be smart enough to have one of these take precendence? Does one of these uses need to be flagged as "primary" somehow?

(01 Jun '18, 05:01) fmarier

See this example for a large "craft=brewery" building with a pub node inside it, maybe that is more what you're looking for?

That approach has been used for ages with post offices inside shops and should work here too. A pedant might complain that actually the brewery only takes up the left-hand side of the building (there are railings that separate the "bar" part from the "brewery" part so that you don't get run over by a fork-lift). About the only one I can think of without that separation is here.

(01 Jun '18, 09:34) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks, the post-office-within-a-shop comparison is very useful. I'll try to do that for the breweries I have surveyed.

(03 Jun '18, 19:40) fmarier
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