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Good afternoon! What types of address components can contain a response to a reverse geocoding request? A complete list of types is required.

What other types besides these: house_number road village town city county postcode country country_code

Thank you in advance!

asked 28 May '18, 13:28

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Helen Kir
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edited 28 May '18, 14:06

The full list is in the getClassTypes method in - look for the Label keys.

A better list is Anything not in this file you can treat as a name of a place, e.g. name of a restaurant, building name.

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answered 28 May '18, 14:07

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Thank you very much for such a prompt reply!

Unfortunately, I can not see the document:, since I do not have access to Github.

How can I access?

Maybe you also know, how are the types of address components and administrative divisions request correlated?

(28 May '18, 14:44) Helen Kir

@Helen Kir Unfortunately you're going to struggle with OSM software more generally if you don't have access to github. Is that a technical problem at your end that you can resolve, some sort of political issue, or something else?

(28 May '18, 14:51) SomeoneElse ♦

Our company only plans to use OSM for reverse geocoding.

I have only read open information: I do not know about the obligatory access to the Github.

We will need to generate separate address parameters from the geocoding response.

(28 May '18, 15:27) Helen Kir
(28 May '18, 15:34) SomeoneElse ♦

Most likely we will install our own copy Nominatim.

(28 May '18, 15:54) Helen Kir

You don't need a GitHub account to view the document. Just remove the trailing comma from the URL.

(28 May '18, 16:33) scai ♦

thanks scai, I edited my answer and removed the comma

(28 May '18, 16:35) mtmail

Oh, how simple, thanks!

The local version of Nominatim allows you to refine the query using addressdetails = [0 | 1] (Include a breakdown of the address into elements)?

(28 May '18, 17:26) Helen Kir

Thank you all for your help!

(29 May '18, 08:05) Helen Kir
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