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Hello, I have my own Tiles Server, I have installed Rails Port so I am good, what I am trying to understand, We have an mobile App which updating database with lan and lon for an moving asset. we want to build an PHP web application so that we can show the location of the asset in the OSM map with an Icon.

what we need to do ?

Note : I am not looking any Coding solution, All i just need to understand the concept of this , also if any has any any ope-sources php application so that we can study that to understand it better

thanks for your help on this and it will help us to learn.
I already seent some app like truccar but here we are trying learn to build it. Thanks

asked 27 May '18, 20:28

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Just to stop you from disappearing too far up a blind alley - if you just want to display external locations over the top of an osm map you don't need your own version of the rails port. Just record the locations in whatever system you do now and use something like leaflet to display the one over the other. There are lots of examples at the leaflet site and there's one in "using tiles" at the switch2osm aite.

(27 May '18, 22:17) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi SomeoneElse, Thanks, I was also reading the leaflate, Thanks for confering leaflate can do that, regards to Inhouse Rails port, Currently WE dont have any other system, the pan was use Google Api or use your own Server, as you can see Google Api is costly, so We are looking to build some thing from scratch to avoid being depandance of google map.

I will put few more question to get better understanding, Thanks for the help

(28 May '18, 01:41) fosiul

@SomeoneElse, one question, Can we use leaflate for Mobile Application ? Because we would like to create an Mobile (Android) app, can we use leaflate for this ? or there is some thign else we need to use ? Thanks for the help

(28 May '18, 01:45) fosiul

Can we use leaflet for a mobile application ?

You can, but it might not be the best choice. There are various other options you might want to think about - Mapbox GL, OsmDroid and probably others.

permanent link

answered 28 May '18, 01:55

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks, I am good now, how do i mark your comment as answer


(28 May '18, 12:14) fosiul

I've made my comment an answer and made your comment a comment on that answer - if that's what you wanted, you can mark it as an answer now.

(28 May '18, 12:40) SomeoneElse ♦

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