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Hello, I am refering this site and its working fine with my internal tiles only for one country. I would like to understand

when i will type , how Can I make my country to be default on the screen ? I tryed to use this " center: [23.75936, 90.37787]," but dont think thats the right place .

Bellow are the changed Code var openSeaMapLayer = new ol.layer.Tile({ source: new ol.source.OSM({ attributions: [ 'All maps © OpenSeaMap', ol.source.OSM.ATTRIBUTION ], opaque: false, url: '{z}/{x}/{y}.png' }) });

  var map = new ol.Map({
    layers: [
    target: 'map',
    controls: ol.control.defaults({
      attributionOptions: {
        collapsible: false
    view: new ol.View({
      maxZoom: 25,
      center: [23.75936, 90.37787],
      zoom: 9

asked 25 May '18, 10:03

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edited 25 May '18, 10:26

Hello fosiul,

By default, OpenLayers uses Web Mercator Projection (EPSG:3857). So you cannot use Longitude, Latitude directly to set the center.

This is what you should use :

view: new ol.View({
  maxZoom: 25,
  center: ol.proj.fromLonLat([90.37787,23.75936]),
  zoom: 9

More documentation on ol.proj :

permanent link

answered 25 May '18, 13:54

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edited 26 May '18, 11:28

Hello Jbelien, Thanks for the References, i will read thsoe in details now, however for this I have changed this bellow, but when i open the browser its all blue then iw ill neeed to move to right place to get the county.

view: new ol.View({ maxZoom: 25, center: ol.proj.toLonLat([23.7593572,90.3788136]), zoom: 9

the reference county lat/lon is here I will also upload a picture to show what i get when i open the browser Thanks

(25 May '18, 14:25) fosiul

picture attached in this link

but if i zoom in/out right side then i can see the country

(25 May '18, 14:27) fosiul

I think you switched Latitude and Longitude.
Parameter for ol.proj.toLonLat is Longitude, Latitude and not Latitude, Longitude !

view: new ol.View({
  maxZoom: 25,
  center: ol.proj.toLonLat([90.37787, 23.75936]),
  zoom: 9
(25 May '18, 14:28) jbelien

Hi Jbelien, Sorry missed your post, i actually tryed this , but by putting zoom:4 , i see map but not the right one default, see the screen shot at

view: new ol.View({ maxZoom: 18, center: ol.proj.toLonLat([90.527,23.918]), zoom: 4 })

its actually slightly off the page , if i drag the mouse bit right then i see the map :, but i need to make this map in the front page Thanks for the help.

(25 May '18, 21:44) fosiul

It looks like it's centering on 0,0 instead of your desired coordinates, so there must be something not quite right somewhere.

(26 May '18, 00:13) alester

@Alester, Thanks I am using this example

any idea.. where could be the problem ?


(26 May '18, 01:07) fosiul

Shouldn't that be fromLonLat, not toLonLat? After all, you want to go from a lon/lat pair to projected coordinates.

(26 May '18, 09:12) turepalsson


Thanks thats worked,

center: ol.proj.fromLonLat([90.413242,23.809595]),

Thanks for the help.

(26 May '18, 10:21) fosiul

Oh yes, stupid me ...

Of course it's fromLonLat() ... Sorry for the confusion !

I fixed the code of my "solution" :)

(26 May '18, 11:27) jbelien
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